in all honesty, i went for the fashion photographs, but i came away with so much more.

harper’s bazaar over the last decade - large-scale images by the likes of patrick demarchelier, solve sundsbo and karl lagerfeld. but the brand new exhibit at ICP also features a look at danish-american photographer peter sekaer and a retrospective on 9/11.  

sekear studied with berenice abbott and was friends with walker evans, and their influences are obvious. his documentary approach to new york city and new orleans in the 1930s and 40s is really a must-see.

downstairs at the exhibit titled, “remembering 9/11”, i was completely transported back to that day. photographs by eugene richards’ tug at my heart strings while excerpts from “here is new york” displayed dozens of different perspectives on the tragedy.

all in all, a beautiful set of photographs, and an incredibly moving experience.

above: karl lagerfeld/snehana onopka (2007), ralph gibson/back & sail (2005), peter sekaer/14th street/new orleans (1935-1945), eugene richards/stepping through the ashes (2001).